Starfishman was created in 1992 by artist and designer Colby Fulton. Originally conceived as a superhero for a feature film, it became clear that the character needed to be introduced to the public as a comic book character first to help develop the story and character history.

Starfishman was originally conceived as a kind of organic version of the T-1000 mimetic cybernetic organism from the movie Terminator 2. He could turn into any shape he wanted, as well as heal himself. His origin story was also much simpler; the scientist simply injected himself with a mutagenic substance derived from starfish that transformed him. Over the years as his story was perfected, Starfishman's world and back story became larger, more scientifically accurate, and more complicated. His story begins as the scientist Dr. Kino Marin, a brilliant marine biologist who is doing research on starfish stem cells. Once he becomes Starfishman, he becomes an environmentally-friendly hero with a focus on protecting the oceans from polluters and poachers. Overfishers, shark finners and illegal whalers are all on his radar. He stops industrial polluters from dumping waste and toxins. He also continues new scientific research on removing plastic from the oceans, cooling down global warming, and renewable energy, all while roaming the seas aboard his custom-built submarine.

The biggest thing to change is the number of characters and the backstory for Starfishman. He no longer works in an isolated lab, but at the larger facility the Pacific Marine Institute, a private island that has hundreds of scientists working on all types of research. The story now explores his childhood and family. He also makes many friends who unfortunately get caught in the same accident that transforms him; his goal early in his adventures are to find everyone and make sure they're safe. He uses his skills as a scientist to try and return them to... normal.

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