Dr. Kino Marin was convinced that starfish stem cells could be used in human healing. They allowed the starfish to completely regenerate lost limbs, so why couldn't they be adapted to heal human limbs, organs and other systems of the body?

As a child, Kino lost a finger due to an unfortunate incident at the beach. While exploring a tide pool, he accidentally disturbed a crab, who defended itself. Losing the finger was a relatively minor injury, but it traumatized Kino and his parents. He vowed to solve the mystery of complete human regeneration. This challenge proved difficult, but Dr. Marin studied for years and became a brilliant scientist. His research led to modifying starfish stem cells with specially created genetically modified bacteria, to add key human sequences to the stem cell's DNA. It was working! Then something went very wrong... Starfishman was born out of that accident, and now the oceans have a protector.

Starfishman has many abilities due to his genetic mutations. Obviously he is able to heal quickly and regenerate lost limbs, as the starfish healing serum was infused into his entire body. Starfish have a powerful water vascular system of suction cups and tentacles along their arms, which gives them the ability to adhere to rocks and grip objects. Starfishman has millions of these tiny tentacles on his hands arms and legs, and he can pump water through them to create a powerful suction. This hydraulic system gives him immense strength. He can also absorb or excrete water to make his body become larger or smaller; to squeeze through small spaces, even to change his appearance! All of Starfishman's abilities are not fully known, and he continues to discover new ones through practice and experimentation.

One ability that he has always had was a scientist's mind and an engineer's skills. Starfishman builds his own submarine, scientific tools and equipment, and has a genius level IQ to help him accomplish his goals.To learn more about Starfishman and his adventures, stay tuned for the first issue of his comic book, and click here to read about the evolution of the character.

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